Located in the district of Setúbal, the city of Montijo is situated on the east bank of the Tejo River, opposite the city of Lisbon.

Known for its close proximity to the Portuguese capital, the city of Montijo maintains an easily accessible transport network, via the Vasco da Gama Bridge or by boat on the Tejo River, thus making the city of Montijo a prestigious location for those wishing to visit Lisbon.

In addition, Montijo is rich in culture, with museums such as the Museu Agrícola da Atalaia, the Núcleo Museológico do Moinho da Maré and the Museu Municipal do Montijo that tell the story of the region. The local gastronomy is also an unmissable attraction, with a variety of traditional dishes that reflect the authenticity of Portuguese cuisine.

From the beautiful riverside landscapes to the efficient transport network, Montijo is an unmissable destination for exploring the surrounding region and enjoying authentic Portuguese experiences.




  • Spend the day on the beaches of Costa da Caparica, 25 minutes from Montijo, known for their vast stretches of sand and excellent conditions for water sports.
  • Visit the Fisherman’s Museum, the Montijo Municipal Museum, the Atalaia Agricultural Museum and learn more about the history and culture of the city and the surrounding region.
  • Take a walk along the riverside and discover the Carlos Hidalgo Municipal Park.
  • Take the time to do some shopping at the Alegro Montijo shopping centre.



Strategic Location: Located in the district of Setúbal, it is a city that harmonises urban liveliness with the serenity of nature, just a few kilometres from the stunning beaches of Costa da Caparica and the enchanting Serra da Arrábida.

Close to Nature: Explore the magnificent beaches of Costa da Caparica, known for their long stretches of sand, or be dazzled by the unspoilt beauty of the Serra da Arrábida, where you can enjoy its Natural Park and its stunning beaches.

Ideal for Business Trips: For business travellers, Montijo offers green parks for moments of relaxation during meeting breaks. The Forúm Montijo shopping centre offers a variety of shops and restaurants to make your stay more practical and enjoyable.

Accessibility: The city has an efficient transport network, making it easy to get around, whether it’s via the iconic Vasco da Gama Bridge or peaceful boat trips on the Tejo River.

Multifaceted Experience: Combining the best of the urban, cultural and natural environment, Montijo offers a multifaceted experience, inviting visitors to explore the region and enjoy an authentic stay in Portugal.

What to see and do
How to get there via the airport


The Carris Metropolitana service runs between Lisbon and Montijo. This service departs from Gare do Oriente station.


You can hire a car at the arrivals area of the airport through car hire companies. It is advisable to book in advance.


The average taxi fare from the airport is around €20.00. The amount charged for the journey is the same and does not depend on the number of passengers in the vehicle. If the luggage exceeds 55x35x20cm, it must be transported in the boot or on the roof. In this case, an extra charge may apply. Wheelchairs, cots and pushchairs can be transported free of charge. No gratuity is required.


There are 2 motorways accessing Montijo, the A33 (Access via the Vasco da Gama Bridge), first exit towards Montijo; the A2 (Access via the 25 de Abril Bridge) exit Autoeuropa (A33).

How to arrive by land

Urban transport

Within the city, public urban transport is provided by Carris Metropolitana buses.


There are 2 motorways accessing Montijo, the A33 (Access via the Vasco da Gama Bridge), first exit towards Montijo; the A2 (Access via the 25 de Abril Bridge) exit Autoeuropa (A33).


Montijo train station is a 6-minute walk from the hotel and is run by Carris Metropolitana: Lisbon Airport - Av Almirante Gago Coutinho (via bus 2790) - Pinhal Novo Station (via train from Roma-Areeiro) - Montijo Station (via bus 4512) - Tryp Montijo Parque - 2 hours


The Montijo ferry station is about 17 minutes from the hotel, a journey that requires the use of a bus as well as walking: Cais do Sodré ferry station - Montijo ferry station - Bus 4504 - Hotel - 1 hour